Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Awesome Box

Awesome Box is a collaboration with the Harvard Library Innovation Lab. It allows the community to see what books, movies, and music others have found particularly entertaining, helpful, or eye-opening. Check it out and don't forget to leave your own recommendations at our 'Awesome Box' located next to the reference desk. Need more awesome suggestions? A librarian can help you find even more suggestions at the Somers Library. Don't see an item you just recommended? Sometimes we may get quite a few awesome recommendations in a day. If we're overwhelmed by awesome recommendations, the specific item you returned might be pushed off the front page fairly quickly, so you might not always see it. If it really was incredibly awesome though, we suggest you recommend it to your friends to check out - if an item gets enough Awesome recommendations it will eventually show up in the Most Awesome section!  Check out what is awesome at our library at

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