Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Take A Look!

Library displays are usually done at the beginning of each month.  Sometimes there is a theme or seasonal tie-in and sometimes they are just for fun.  Often, displays we think are going to be very popular, don’t live-up to our expectations.  But sometimes, we hit on an unexpected success! 

One of our most popular displays was the Blind Date with a Book.  Books were wrapped up so that the book could not be seen and a small ‘hint’ was attached to each wrapped book.  Patrons were then challenged to take out a book sight unseen. 
Once, a simple display of biographies had us scrambling to keep it shelved with famous and notable people.

Another very popular book display was the “I Don’t Know the Title, but the Cover was Blue.”  Each book on the display cart had a blue cover.  Patrons really enjoyed the humor of this display and we often had to run through the stacks looking at book covers for the color blue!
For our latest book display, we began to notice that eyes are often used on book covers.  So, come in to the Somers Library and see our “Take a Look” display here for the month of April!

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