Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Awesome Box

Awesome Box is a collaboration with the Harvard Library Innovation Lab. It allows the community to see what books, movies, and music others have found particularly entertaining, helpful, or eye-opening. Check it out and don't forget to leave your own recommendations at our 'Awesome Box' located next to the reference desk. Need more awesome suggestions? A librarian can help you find even more suggestions at the Somers Library. Don't see an item you just recommended? Sometimes we may get quite a few awesome recommendations in a day. If we're overwhelmed by awesome recommendations, the specific item you returned might be pushed off the front page fairly quickly, so you might not always see it. If it really was incredibly awesome though, we suggest you recommend it to your friends to check out - if an item gets enough Awesome recommendations it will eventually show up in the Most Awesome section!  Check out what is awesome at our library at

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teen Summer Reading Challenge

Participants in the Teen Summer Reading Challenge were asked to read as many books as they can over the summer.  Those reading 10 or more books were eligible to participate in a raffle to win Amazon gift cards.  This summer there were 12 ambitious teens who met that goal.

The Somers Library would like to congratulate the raffle winners of the Teen Summer Reading Challenge 2014:

Anthony C. - First Prize Winner
First Prize – $100 gift card to Amazon - Anthony C.
Second Prize – $25 gift card to Amazon - Peter H.
Third Prize -- $15 gift card to Amazon – Natalie M.

Honorable mentions go to the following readers who read 10+ books:
11 books:  Catherine G. & Natalie M.
12 books:  Francesca F.
14 books:  Matthew K.

Geocaching at the Library

Geocaching has been described as a "high tech treasure hunt," in which players use handheld GPS receivers or smartphone apps to find hidden containers. Typically, geocaches are hidden along hiking trails, in community parks or even at downtown street corners. Atypically, a cache has been hidden in the Somers Library! The library cache is an example of a mystery cache. Geocachers first have to find a conventional cache, then decipher the information they find there to figure out how to locate the cache hidden in the library. (In fact, they also have to determine that the cache is in the library, so you already know something they don't.) We can't give you any more information without spoiling the game for others. But skilled library users should be able to find the cache without the help of Global Positioning System satellites. If you find it, you will find space to record your discovery. All we ask is that you keep the location to yourself so the game remains a fun challenge. To learn more about geocaching, and get clues for caches in our area, visit and enter ours, or any zip code.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Career Resources

Looking for a job or to make a career change? The library has many resources to assist you. Brainfuse Job Now is an innovative online services that provides expert resume help, real-time interview coaching and career advice. There are services to help every step of a job search. Job and Career Accelerator is a comprehensive, online job search system. Glassdoor helps you find a job and company you love. You can read reviews, salaries, and benefits from employees; and what interview questions were asked of candidates. Learn more about finding a job, interviewing techniques, and more by visiting Look For a JobAdditionally, the library frequently adds new titles to our 'Job Resources' section in the library. Some of the newest titles include:

►Before and after resumes: how to turn a good resume into a great one: includes over 500 careers, keywords and phrases, sample designs, online resumes 

►Ace your teacher interview: 149 fantastic answers to tough interview questions 

►Competency-based interviews: How to master the tough interview style used by the Fortune 500s

►Job savvy: how to be a success at work

►Entrepreneurship quizzes: 12 easy tests to help you become successfully self-employed

►AARP great jobs for everyone 50+: Finding work that keeps you happy and healthy and pays the bills

►150 best jobs for the military-to-civilian transition

►Before and after resumes: How to turn a good resume into a great one; includes over 500 careers, key words and phrases, sample designs, online resumes

►The $100 start-up: Reinvent the way you make a living, do what you love, and make a new future

►The two hour job search: Using technology to get the right job faster

You may place a hold for these, or check the online catalog for similar titles by clicking here