Thursday, December 17, 2015

Let's Watch Something New

Whether you are looking to start a new hobby, expand your horizons, or have simply run out of things to watch on TV, the library has a wealth of nonfiction DVDs and documentaries available for your viewing pleasure. Both informative and entertaining, nonfiction DVDs and documentaries cover a wide variety of subjects: art, cooking, biographies, Broadway shows, concerts, crafts, exercise, self-help, travel etc.
  • The Templar Code
  • Money, Power and Wall Street
  • West Point: The First 200 Years
  • Miracle on the Hudson: And Other Extraordinary Air Crash events
  • Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger
  • Mysteries of the Freemasons
  • Inside Grand Central
  • Planet Earth  
  • Imax Under the Sea
  • The Best of Modern Marvels
  • Chair Aerobics for Everyone
  • Pilates for Every Body
  • Cancer: the Emperor of All Maladies
  • Untamed Legacy: America's Wild Mustang
  • The Complete Guide to Cake Decorating & Baking
  • Small Business Management Strategies
  • The Art of Knitting & Crochet
  • Josh Groban in concert
  • Tap Dancing for Beginners
  • Ballroom Dancing Basics
  • Ultimate Line Dancing
  • Learn Mahjongg
  • Digital Golf School
  • Shakespeare Uncovered
  • Timeline: A Historical Series  
  • Europe to the Max. Great Cities of Europe  
  • Sinking of the Lusitania: Terror at Sea
  • The National Parks: America's Best Idea
  • The Roosevelts: An Intimate History  
You may place a hold on these, or check the online catalog for similar titles by clicking here. For additional recommendations, check out our Pinterest boards!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ways The Somers Library Can Help You Get Through the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, yet it can feel like the most stressful time of the year. Whether you are looking for ideas to inspire your holiday creativity, or a place to escape from the hustle and bustle, Somers Library is here to help. Here are a few ways you can use our library to enjoy the holiday season.

1. Read a book. Reading is not only fun and relaxing, but gives you some great conversation starters, and creates traditions and memories. Try reading a classic holiday book, check out our bibliographies in the library, or as a librarian for ideas. Need ideas for what to read next? Check out our Pinterest boards where you will find nearly 250 boards of books listed by genre. Check out our new 2016 Staff Picks just added recently, or find some great reads to share with children on our Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa board.

2. Get a gift. What better gift can you give to someone than a good book. If you are looking for great book bargains to give as gifts, or perhaps to even to put on your own wish list, check out our Book Sale area. For the month of December, everything is half price!!

3. Make a craft. How about trying a craft to keep your hands busy while you unwind during the long, cold winter months? Why not explore your creative side or learn a new skill by checking out some of our numerous crafting books. Also, on December 5th and 19th at 10:30 am, we are offering a great program...'Quick Holiday Needlework Gifts Workshop'. Registration is required, so be sure to register online at or call the library at 914-232-5717 to register. There is no fee for these workshops, but participants must bring their own supplies. Check out what you need to bring here. Also, the library offers a variety of maker kits such as knitting kits, crochet kits, cookie cutter kits, and cake pans, so try one out today!

4. Make a treat. A wonderful way to embrace the holiday season is to make and share delicious meals and treats with your friends, family, and neighbors. The library's holiday cookbooks are a wonderful resource for finding new holiday recipes and ideas.

5. Watch a movie. Our DVD collection is quite popular throughout the year, but especially around the holiday season. Why not start a holiday move-watching tradition! You may also place holds on DVDs by clicking here.

6. Learn more. During the holiday season, take the time to learn how other cultures celebrate the holidays. Not only will this give meaning to your own holiday traditions, but will offer some great conversation starters as you share stories and facts about the holidays. It is a wonderful way to increase your understanding and appreciation for how other cultures celebrate the holidays.

7. Listen to music. Music is a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit! Whether you are in the mood for holiday music, instrumental music, folk music, or classic soundtracks, you can find all kinds of music to check out in our music CD collection. You may also wish to check out some great songbooks or sheet music of Christmas carols to play during the holiday season.

8. Stay in touch. For those of you that are traveling this holiday season, why not make your journey more enjoyable by checking out some books on CD to listen to while on the road. You can also keep up with all of the holiday programs and concerts, by visiting the library's website at, or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Career Resources at the Library

Looking for a job or making a career change? The library has many resources to assist you. In particular, the Westchester Library System subscribes to two databases: Job & Career Accelerator (a comprehensive online job search system), and Learning Express (a comprehensive, interactive online learning platform of practice tests and tutorial course series.) Job and Career Accelerator puts job seekers on the fast track to getting hired with courses in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and more. Learning Express will show you how to improve your interviewing skills, how to use social networking for career success, and how to create a better resume and cover letter. There are also practice tests for law enforcement, nursing, civil service, electrician, plumbing, and teaching exams. In addition to these databases, the library frequently adds new titles to our Job Resources section in the library. Some of the newest titles include:

►Before and after resumes: how to turn a good resume into a great one: includes over 500 careers, keywords and phrases, sample designs, online resumes
►Ace your teacher interview: 149 fantastic answers to tough interview questions
►Competency-based interviews: How to master the tough interview style used by the Fortune 500s
►Job savvy: how to be a success at work
►Entrepreneurship quizzes: 12 easy tests to help you become successfully self-employed
►AARP great jobs for everyone 50+: Finding work that keeps you happy and healthy and pays the bills
►150 best jobs for the military-to-civilian transition
►Before and after resumes: How to turn a good resume into a great one; includes over 500 careers, key words and phrases, sample designs, online resumes
►The $100 start-up: Reinvent the way you make a living, do what you love, and make a new future
►The two hour job search: Using technology to get the right job faster
You may place a hold for these, or check the online catalog for similar titles by clicking here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Panda Bear Cake

Check out this incredible cake, made by a patron using one of our cake pans, which  are available to borrow (as are cookie cutter kits, knitting kits, and crochet kits.) If you'd like to share photos of the projects you make using one of these circulating kits, please email photos to

Monday, October 26, 2015

Astronomy Program

On a chilly but clear night close to 100 people gathered in the Upper Reis parking lot to get a closer glimpse of the moon and other celestial objects.  Visible were the planet Neptune, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Planetary Nebula.  Invited by the Children's Librarians,  members of the Westchester Amateur Astronomers club set up 5 telescopes of various sizes (one of them bigger than the kids themselves!) and patiently adjusted and focused the lenses so each child could peer intently at the moon and the far away stars.  The volunteers answered numerous questions about the distance and origin of the stars and planets.  Favorite comment of the night from a 4th grader:  "This is REAL!"  Thanks to the Parks and Rec department and AYSO for helping us arrange to turn out the lights for this one special night.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Battle of the Books 2015

Earlier this year, we asked for Somers volunteers from grades 4th through 9th to represent the Somers Library in the Westchester Library System Second Annual Battle of the Books.  The Battle of the Books is a book-based trivia tournament for Westchester youth with the goal to promote a love of reading in kids and teens, to expose them to titles and authors that they might not encounter otherwise, to encourage them to think of their local public library as a resource for entertainment and to inspire teamwork and good sportsmanship in an atmosphere of friendly competition.  The battle teams are broken down to 2 levels:  one with teams from grades 4th-6th and the other from grades 6th-9th.  Each team was expected to read five books, practice with their teammates for the battle and then represent the Somers Library on October 17th 2014 at the Battle of the Books! 

Early on, we knew we had some bright, eager, enthusiastic kids willing to take this challenge! During the summer, each team member was given copies of the 5 books for their team, which were generously sponsored by the Friends of the Somers Library. We met as a large group during the summer, but when the start of the new school year began, each team split up to work as separate groups.  Since September, the both teams met at least 9 times to review and practice for battle day! On the evening before the battle we had a Pizza Party and Pep Rally to show them how much we appreciated their hard work.
On Saturday morning October 17th, our teams showed up at 9:00 am at the Ossining High School where they battled against teams from other libraries in Westchester County.  Both teams made a good showing!  The Tusker Readers scored the highest point score and qualified for the semifinal round.  The Tusker Readers, Jr.fought valiantly and made a great showing!  Although the Briarcliff Manor team won for the older bracket, and the Bedford team won for the younger bracket, the two teams from the Somers Library are winners in our book!!! We could not have asked for a more hardworking and dedicated group.  

The Somers Library would like to thank the team members, as well as their parents, and volunteer coach Holly Rivlin. Additionally, the Somers Library would like to thank all the volunteer readers & question makers especially Diane Heyert, Ruth Rosenberg, and Mary Coletti.  We would like to also thank the volunteers who showed up for the Somers Library on a beautiful Saturday to help at the battle:  Pat and Barlow Humphreys, Ruth Rosenberg, and Jane Rothschild. Our library director, Andrew Farber was at the battle as well to act as the master score keeper for the entire event. And last but not least, thank you to the Friends of the Somers Library for their financial support.

We congratulate both the teams on their amazing dedication and teamwork:
The Somers Tusker Readers, the 6th-9th grade team: Leigha Carnow, Maria Klimentova, Aine Hoekstra, Jordan Han, Darius Faizani, Hannah Roth, Max Caron, Jordan Cowie, Matthew Kushner, and Marguerite Pugliese.  And assistant coaches Keira Ferretti and Dominique Pugliese.

The Somers Tusker Reader, Jr, the 4th-6th grade team: Sean Kim, Jacob Cowie, Julia Wilkinson, Jay Wilkinson, Connor Entenberg, Madeline Jen, Amanda Jen, Jaewon Yeo, Nicholas Maurantonio, Sebastian Wissa

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Maker Kits Added

 We've added to our Maker Kit collection. Check out the library's new Cookie Cutter kits! There's a kit for Halloween, and one for Christmas. Coming soon: we will be adding farm animals, and dinosaurs. We are also adding additional kits to the Knitting & Crochet kits. These have been so popular here - check one out today!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Winner of This Year's Creativity Connect Award

Greater Hudson Heritage Network explores the ways in which heritage and history organizations can think creatively - to connect to new audiences, new funding sources, new stories to tell, and new ways to engage with their communities. This year's winner includes the partnership between Somers  Library (Seed Lending Library) and Somers Historical Society, benefiting St. Lukes Food Pantry. We are so proud to receive this honor!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Local Authors

Big-name authors on bestseller lists typically get all the glory in the world of literature, however there are countless local authors that produce excellent work all around us and are just as deserving of your attention. You might be surprised to see just how many authors grew up or live in and around this area. If you are a local author and are interested in donating a copy of your book to the library, we would love to add it to our collection. If you would like to schedule a presentation, please call or send an e-mail to All of the books in the library's collection which were written by local authors have a purple 'local author' sticker on the spine of the book to help make it easy to identify. For example:
 ►Stay by Allie Larkin
►I, Putin by Jennifer Ciotta
Cradle of the American Circus:  Poems from Somers New York by Jo Pitkin  
►I Know You by Heart by Linda Spear  
►Wrath by Robert Santoro
►Crown Thy Good by Howard D. Hellman 
►Rumblings of a Rhino by David M. Herman
►The Gyroverse by Donald Wortzman
►The Old Put by Joe Schiavone
►Hold Love Strong by Matthew Aaron Goodman  
►The Color of His Blood by J. F. Lewis
►Walkable Westchester by Jane Daniels
►Daughters of Ishtar by Donald Wortzman
►George Turner's Ghost by Frank Billingsley
►The Orchid Memorandum by Tony Attanasio & Howard D. Hellman 
►That Perfect Spring by Bruce Fabricant
►Haym Salomon by J. F. Lewis
►Remembering Mount Vernon, NY by Bruce Fabricant
►How to Succeed at Aging Without Really Dying by Lyla Blake Ward   
►Under Swastika and the French Flag by Oscar Scherzer
►Infertility and Adoption by Roy Sokol
►A Shower of Roses by Tom Milton
You may place a hold on these, or check the online catalog for similar titles by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

JE Books

What does this mean?
Books with the above JE sticker on them are Easy Readers/Early Chapter Books and are perfect for emerging readers!  These books have sight words, repetition, and many are phonics-based.

We have 3 sections of JE books:

Fiction: we have an extensive selection of these books.  They are shelved together by author, except for Batman, Lego, Ninjago, Spider-Man, Superman, Transformers, We Both Read, etc. which are shelved together.
Non-Fiction: our JE Non-Fiction section has been newly updated with easy-to-read informational text and gorgeous photographs which are important for Common Core.
Biography: we have a small, but interesting group of easy-to-read books about famous people! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Family Favorite 2015

Over 2,000 families throughout Westchester have voted, and Somers Library won as a top choice in the Family Favorite 2015 contest conducted by Westchester Family Magazine! You can visit for a complete list of all of the winners.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Let's Get Crafty!

Great news! We are delighted to bring you a series of kits to bring a little DIY to the library! Are you interested in learning how to knit or crochet? The library has new kits (two knitting, two crochet) that you can check out - so you can try it out before spending time and money gathering supplies and tools. Each kit contains a set of needles, a book, and a DVD that must be returned with the kit; users supply their own yarn. Now that you are armed with the tools, there are no more excuses!  Let's get out there, and get crafty!

Generous funding from the Friends of Somers Library made these purchases possible, and we hope to add more of these types of kits in the future. Don't forget to check out our supply of Wilson cake pans that are also available to borrow!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Quilting Books @Your Library

Over the last several years there have been quite a few new quilt books published. They cover everything from using pre-cut fabrics, which cover topics, such as jelly rolls, layer cakes, fat quarters to short biographies about current quilters and the design of their studios. There never seems to be a shortage of books with patterns that are traditional, traditional with a twist, vintage, modern, vintage modern, applique, machine applique, scrappy, mini, foundation or paper pieced. And all those categories just describe the piecing of the fabrics for the quilt top, not the actual quilting of the three layers; referred to as the quilt sandwich!! So without making you wait until the International Quilt Festival in Houston, at end of October, below is a list of good quilt books.

For Keeps: Meaningful Patchwork for Everyday Living, by Amy Gibson.

Savor Each Stitch: Studio Quilting with Mindful Design, by Carolyn Friedlander.

By The Block: 18 Surprisingly Simple Quilts, Siobhan Rogers.

Lucky Spool’s Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making: From Color to Quilting: 10 Design Workshops by Your Favorite Teachers, by The Editors of Lucky Spool.

Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes.

Vintage Quilt Revival: 22 Modern Designs From Classic Blocks, by Kate Clarke Blakesley, Lee Heinrich and Faith Jones.

Quilters, Their Quilts, Their Studios, Their Stories: With Access to More Than 80 Online Quilt Patterns, by Jo Packham.

Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Romance: 20 Designs From Rowan for Patchwork Quilting, by Kaffe Fassett.

Quilting with a Modern Slant: People, Patterns and Techniques Inspiring The Modern Quilt Community, by Rachel May.

Beyond Neutral: Quilts Inspired by Nature's Elements, by John Q. Adams.

Jelly Roll Inspirations, by Pam Lintott.

Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts by Pam Lintott.

101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts, by Judy Hopkins and Nancy J. Martin.

Denyse Schmidt: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration: 20 New Designs with Historic Roots, by Denyse Schmidt.

Quilts Galore! Quiltmaking Styles and Techniques,  by Diana McClun & Laura Nownes.

Little Quilts: 15 Step-by-Step Projects for Adorably Small Quilts by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsiger.