Friday, July 28, 2017

Putting it together at the Puzzle Table

Believe it or not, many Somers Library patrons find puzzles very therapeutic especially when life becomes stressful.  How do we know this? The puzzle is a popular area in the library with quite a few ‘regulars’ who come a few times during the week to work on this visual conundrum. It could be a quiet pleasant solitary experience, or a way for patrons to work together to accomplish a goal. Isn’t it wonderful that our puzzle table fills such a need in many lives?

This is a perfect example of how libraries have changed from being merely book repositories and book lenders. Libraries today, as in the Somers Library, are warm and welcoming places where people interact collaborate and pursue their interests. This small and seemingly insignificant puzzle area is what we cherish and encourage at the Somers Library and hope there are other such encounters happening at our library all the time.

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