Saturday, November 25, 2017

What's the Deal With the Dewey Decimal System

Have you ever come into a public library and searched for a book in the nonfiction section? You will see a number, such as 822.33. This is an example of Dewey Decimal Classification System - the system used by Somers Library as well as most public and school libraries. Each book is labeled with a specific call number according to its subject, so when items are put on the shelves in Dewey Decimal order, all the books on one subject will be together. A Dewey Decimal number always has three numbers to the left of the decimal point. There is no limit to how many numbers can be after the decimal point. The more numbers that are added after the decimal point, the more specific the subject. 
List of General Dewey Decimal Numbers
  • 000 - General works, Computer science and Information
  • 100 - Philosophy and psychology
  • 200 - Religion
  • 300 - Social sciences
  • 400 - Language
  • 500 - Science
  • 600 - Technology
  • 700 - Arts & recreation
  • 800 - Literature
  • 900 - History & geography
If a book is shelved in the wrong place, it may never be found by patrons looking for it. This is why we encourage patrons not to just put books anywhere. Give it to the librarian, or put your books on a cart specifically designated for books to be shelved.

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