Friday, May 18, 2018

Board Games in the Library!

Somers Library is pleased to announce that we now have a circulating Board Game collection. The games are primarily for adults and children ages 8+, and circulate for 7 days. Games cannot be renewed, and the overdue fines are $1.00 per day. Board games must be returned to the Somers Library Circulation Desk only, and cannot be placed in the book drop. Please return all games during normal business hours.

Games Added So Far:
·         Hive
·         Balderdash
·         Splendor
·         Allahambra
·         Above and Below
·         Ringerz
·         7 Wonders
·         Escape
·         Wits and Wagers
·         Ticket to Ride

Coming soon:
·         Forbidden Island
·         Tsuro
·         Settlers of Catan
·         Where in the World
·         Pandemic
·         Harbour
·         Isle of Sky
·         Stone Age
·         Suburbia
·         Pictionary

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