Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Geocaching in the Library

Geocaching has been described as a "high tech treasure hunt," in which players use handheld GPS receivers or smartphone apps to find hidden containers. Typically, geocaches are hidden along hiking trails, in community parks or even at downtown street corners. A cache has been hidden in the Somers Library! The library cache is an example of a mystery cache. Geocachers first have to find a conventional cache, then decipher the information they find there to figure out how to locate the cache hidden in the library. (In fact, they also have to determine that the cache is in the library, so you already know something they don't.) We can't give you any more information without spoiling the game for others. But skilled library users should be able to find the cache without the help of Global Positioning System satellites. If you find it, you will find space to record your discovery. All we ask is that you keep the location to yourself so the game remains a fun challenge. To learn more about geocaching, and get clues for caches in our area, visit http://www.geocaching.com and enter a zip code.

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